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What do you NOT know about your event that you would like to know?

Analytic Event Attendee Tracking & Networking

Empowering Show Management
Enhancing Attendee Experience

In 2012, there were 1.83 million events in the U.S. and 225 million people attended them—events are a huge opportunity for vendors—we provide granulated analytics to make each event count.

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No Communication Limits

Whether you are interested in detailed analytics, or expanding your attendee’s experience and opportunity to network during an event – we partner with you to give you 30 years of Event Management experience and cutting-edge event technology giving you the Wow Factor.

Fantastic Phone Integration

With 84 fields of data, sharing specific details with other attendees and vendors is a snap. Proximity alerts breaks awkward network barriers by creating an in-the-moment experience – identifying like-attendees and vendors, while providing an easy and comfortable first point of contact.

Attendee/Visitor Tracking


Our tracking tools analyzes several profile and behavioral attributes of visitors to identify high value prospects, and notify vendors before they arrive at their booth. Moreover, they connect with the vendor’s CRM account and alerts when a CRM prospect is either near or approaching your booth. This improves vendor conversions and assists in building relationships.

Engaging Network Opportunities

Proprietary event tracking tools are surprisingly humanistic. They take the communication flow of social media networks and reincorporates them into the human experience. In the vast sea of thousands of unfamiliar faces, this personalized technology bridges the gap of  a formal ‘introduction’. It notifies the wearer/attendee/vendor when they have reached another like-seeking business person – and a new contact is made.

Collaborative Analytics


The powerful Team Event tracking system gives a lasting Wow Factor to your event, but opening more opportunities to your visitors and vendors. In addition, it provides long lasting analytic data to granularly view every aspect of the event, discover attendee trends, find avenues of improvement, and develop actionable improvements for the next event.

Meet Team Events! We provide more than the most powerful event software – We provide a combined 60+ Years of Event Management experience.

When it comes to Event Management, we know our stuff.  We offer our experience to benefit you in business acquisition, operational organization, financial negotiations, personnel management, and key account development. We can assist you in sales, from capturing and maintaining key accounts to selecting and leading an effective sales force.

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